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Advantages of Muscle Testing

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Let's say your friend Mary is disturbed, troubled, or depressed. Let's assume also that you know that she comes from a troubled background and, although she may have tried psychotherapy several times, didn't gain much benefit.

By using muscle testing you can find out four crucial things:
  1. What the disturbance or trauma is.
  2. How much is there.
  3. What to do with it.
  4. When you're done.

Moreover, muscle testing will cut through denial and allow you to check out your judgments, interpretations, and intuitions. Muscle testing will also minimize or eliminate resistance because the responses are so observable and unmistakable. This serves to bypass a lot of guesswork and disagreement.

By using muscle testing, Mary becomes more of a participant in the process. Instead of your interpreting or explaining her issues to her, the two of you together can embark on a journey of rapid discovery, locating exactly what is important and weeding out the irrelevant.

This saves a tremendous amount of time and energy. Mary can even "tune out" consciously and you will still get answers from a deeper level of her being.

When Muscle testing is first used, Mary's arm "inexplicably" weakens, she may claim, "You just pushed harder!" It may be only when she has the opportunity to use muscle testing on someone else that she'll realize that the pressure on their outstretched arm is roughly the same.

Because her muscle testing responses are involuntary, you are often not working on what Mary thinks she needs or what she says she needs. You are not even working on what you think she needs. Instead, you are working on what that deeper part of her says she needs, which is what she really and truly needs. The validation of this is that when you locate an issue with muscle testing and then move Mary through it, she will experience a sense of relief and release.

To produce real change, unconscious barriers must be accessed and released. Muscle testing is a safe, non-invasive, and even forgiving technique that will allow you to do this.

I taught psychology for over twenty years, and I used to critique Freud mercilessly. But now I realize that basically he was correct. There is no substitute for dealing with past pain, either repressed or recalled. And in today's world that idea is often minimized or forgotten.

photo of Sigmund Freud Freud once wrote that dreams are the "royal road" to the unconscious. But if you've ever worked with dreams, then you have probably found that road to be anything but "royal." Instead, it's often bumpy, circuitous, full of detours and road blocks. But if dreams are, as he said, the royal road, then muscle testing has got to be a "super highway" because there is something immediate, direct, objective, and undeniable about it.

Freud spent his life struggling to access and interpret unconscious processes. Some of the techniques he came up with today seem cumbersome and unwieldy. My guess is that if he had stumbled across muscle testing, we would all be doing it today. My guess is that muscle testing is what Freud spent his whole life looking for. Freedom From the Past.

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